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Our Story

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We are Ludovic and Nicolas, and as far back as we can remember, we have always had a close link with cycling. It started with BMX in the 2000's and then, later, with mountain biking. It must be said that we grew up in the South-East of France where there is no shortage of places to ride our bikes!

For us, this passion is based on 3 important aspects.

The first one: the camaraderie (our buddy as we say at home). Riding with one's clique is inseparable from a good ride and this is what makes this discipline, at the base individual, more collective!

Then, the escape: the pleasure of discovering new landscapes, whether it is at different seasons or on different spots!

And finally, the craze of the equipment and the style of our bikes. We are not going to hide it, as enthusiasts, we love the gear!

It is on this last point, that in 2018, on the chairlift of the Bike Park of Saint-Jean de Montclar, we noticed that there was no French actor on the market, offering pilot equipment manufactured outside Asia, Eastern countries or North Africa.

In a world where climate change requires us all to be more rigorous in our consumption choices, we did not have the opportunity to opt for pilot equipment that is both technical, efficient and manufactured in short circuits!

With this in mind, and with the passion that drives us, we have studied the feasibility of such an adventure !

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why "RELIEF"?!

If we had to choose one word to explain what we love about mountain biking, it would be this: RELIEF (landforms in french). Relief is the mountain and everything that goes with it, like some endless climbs and, above all, adrenaline-filled descents looking for your PR.

The relief is about escape and constant wonderment at the beauty of nature.

The relief is also the postcard of our home: the Maritime Alps, our corner of France that we love so much!

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Making our products in France is a matter of course for us! The industry is there: manufacturers, weavers, sewing workshops, design offices. Everything is present in France, you just have to want it.

At RELIEF, we pay particular attention to the quality of our raw materials. We are fortunate to have some of the best weavers of the world in France. It is in close collaboration with them and, according to our technical requirements, that we are constantly looking for new materials which will make our equipment of tomorrow.

At RELIEF, we develop our products in-house. Our cuts and patterns are unique. They are the result of several hours of testing in order to find the right compromise!

For the manufacturing process, we have also chosen the Made In France! Developing a product close to home offers speed, flexibility and quality. This proximity allows us to regularly control our production methods in order to guarantee a level of quality that is always optimal.

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