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logo redbull

" After several months of using the jersey, we confirm the quality and durability of the product."

bandeau 2 full attack

" From the first pedal strokes, it is the elasticity of the fabric that jumps to the eyes! It's stretchy as they say, and the comfort is remarkable."

banddeau velo vert

" Relief is positioned as a new actor of the made in France "

bandeau 2 full attack

" The Relief Calade is clearly one of the most durable jerseys on the market ! "

bandeau vojo mag

" Relief is a new textile brand produced in France, and respectful of the environment."

logo 1001

" Mountain bike clothes designed in the 06 and made in France "

bandeau 2 full attack

" Faced with a heavily imported textile market, RELIEF is keen to promote short circuits, to use local raw materials and a French workforce."

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